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About us

Pimp-My-Boat was founded by Franziska von Breitenbuch. She is a certified & trained boatbuilder as well as yacht designer.

Some of the projects she was involved in on the design side are:

  • Megayacht Octopus (3D Design & Modelling)
  • Megayacht Luna (3D Design & Modelling)
  • Megayacht MyWorld (3D Design & Modelling)
  • Refit Mira 35 Catamaran

Having personally owned (and used!) a lot of smaller vessels for most of her life, she set out to put her design skills and feelings for esthetics to work for a much broader field of people.

What else we do

On our partner sites we provide further services:

    -3D Visualisation for architecture & products
    -Architectural, interior and product concept design
    -360 degree imaging on CAD or photo base
    -360 video
    -360 degree VR tours
    -Drone photography
    -Graphic design
    -Web design
    -Ship and Megayacht styling and concept design

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